Moth bus by kelly heaton

I've been making moth trails in the form of animated light. To learn more, please follow the links below.



Bird layout by kelly heaton

Bird layout in progress. Details of new work inspired by electricity in nature (and the nature of electricity). March, 2019

Electrical naturalism by kelly heaton

Detail of a work in-progress from a new print series on electrical naturalism, 2019. The circuit on the electronic wren sings “pretty bird” when the lighting is favorable. The antique illustrated bird is an Audubon print.

det_circuit songbirds_KHeaton.jpg

Electronic moth assembly by kelly heaton

Making moths at my bench (May, 2018). The wings are dyed velvet that I embroidered with an old CNC machine (a 1982 refurbished Ultramatic at NovaLabs in Reston, VA). The bodies are circuit boards that I designed involving timers, counters, and multivibrators to sequence a trail of LEDs. The legs and antenna are laser cut plastic. The LEDs are multiplexed on a flexible circuit board that I modeled after symbols in the ancient temples of Mitla. All of these boards were manufactured by PCBWay in China. These photos were taken at my studio in Virginia.

Cedar Sphinx Moth by kelly heaton

I continue to make moth wings for my latest Electrolier sculpture. Here is a Cedar Sphinx Moth with a circuit board body and embroidered velvet wings. Later, I will reveal the function of the circuitry and how the wires relate to the overall sculpture... but for now, pretty wings are what I have to offer.