open studio

life-like bird song circuit by kelly heaton

This simple circuit sings like a bird, even with chirp variation! This effect is caused by various discrete non-linear components in a breadboard. I tried to build a soldered version and, while it sings, I haven’t been able to reproduce the life-like quality of this circuit (hence my theory that parasitic capacitance is at play).

In the front half of the breadboard, you see three astable multivibrators that create an irregular tempo. These are connected back to various locations in a “chirp generator” circuit (based on the classic doorbell canary design with an audio transformer).

Moth bus by kelly heaton

I've been making moth trails in the form of animated light. To learn more, please follow the links below.…/163201-electronic…/log/161522-moth-bus

Bird layout by kelly heaton

Bird layout in progress. Details of new work inspired by electricity in nature (and the nature of electricity). March, 2019

Pretty bird by kelly heaton

A sculptural bird circuit that sings “pretty bird” when the ambient light conditions are favorable. The exterior is folded Mylar and the interior is an analog electronic chirp generator soldered freeform. This part is part of a larger work in progress.

Above: images of the freeform chirping circuit (stabilized to Mylar using glue) prior to insertion into the bird’s body.

Chickadee and sparrow by kelly heaton

I continue to model and assemble paper birds for a large sculptural rendition of my winter feeder. Here’s a chickadee and sparrow. The birds