Symmetry = anatomy by kelly heaton

A few more studies using photographs found on the Internet. I have applied symmetry to the photos, and suddenly the wires appear to have an anatomy.

Going Online by kelly heaton

Heaton_Going Online, 2017

Consider the physical and software prep work that we do to create our social media presence. As the Internet progressively invades our psyche, online identity is a major component of ego. Are we the same person in physical reality as we are online, or is there a new dichotomy of self? Where is the real me?

open studio: bumblebee eye's view by kelly heaton

How a bumblebee remembers the location of a dandelion in Spring.  Kelly Heaton, 2016

Digital photocollage representing the world view of a bumblebee using its memory to search for a particular Spring dandelion.

open studio: no water by kelly heaton

No Water, 2016.  Digital photo collage.  Kelly Heaton

We had an old horse colic today.  Vet says not enough water and dry hay are to blame.  Fortunately, we helped him through it and he's going to be OK.  The scare got me thinking about this image, made for entirely different concerns about no water on earth.  Or water in all the wrong places.