open studio: pollination USA by kelly heaton

Pollination (USA), 2015. 1st in a series by artist and beekeeper Kelly Heaton. April 20, 2015
This video documents a wax-coated frame in the shape of a US map (lower 48) as it evolves within a beehive. I shake the frame to disturb the bees and observe how they move in response. No bees were harmed in the making of this video. To the contrary, I do everything I can to keep my bees alive and healthy.  My package bees were installed a week ago and have since drawn some comb on the frame which is filled with nectar.  These areas are darker in color and the nectar is reflecting the sunlight.

open studio: welding brass skep by kelly heaton

Top row, left to right: making of the traditional bee skep (from Wikipedia); a stack of welded brass rings; brass rings with a ground surface to create straw-like texture; shaping the segments of the brass rings with a peening hammer and wooden cradle

Bottom row, left to right: welding the brass rings together with an oxyacetylene torch and brazing rods; two welded rings with clamps to attach a third; measuring the uppermost ring, which has been hammered to reduce its diameter, in order to create a tapered top for the skep; a bee skep from a french fairytale